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P.S. ARTS To Go! is a library of 80+ free instructional videos for projects that can be made with common household supplies. Share your creations with us by tagging #psartstogo on social media!
P.S. ARTS To Go! projects are instructional videos and projects for you to enjoy at home! We believe in lifelong learning in and through the arts. Take a look at our resources for families, teachers, administrators, and advocates.
Today, we’ll be making a project inspired by his window series based on what we see when we look out our windows!
Millett present visual patterns while breaking up the process in her work, creating more of an abstract style.
Create your own construction paper collage mosaic inspired by the artist Alma Woodey Thomas!
Learn how to make amazing buildings with printed cardboard like the artist Ana Serano, a first-generation Mexican American artist from Los Angeles.
Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist and environmentalist whose sculpture and photography works are distinct in that they are made by using beautiful things found in nature.
Today we will create our own weaved artwork out of colored paper!
We will create our own “relief prints,” meaning that the part of the block that makes the design stands out from the surface.
Learn to create a cardboard house like the iconic series by Ana Serrano with Ms. Isabel in this P.S. ARTS To Go! step-by-step art project video!
Mose Tolliver was an American artist who used the hardship of an injury as motivation to explore his creative side and paint!
Learn how to make a colored grid design of a tree with this step-by-step project based on the artist Charles Gaines.
Learn about Impressionism and the effects of light and shadow as you paint birch trees in the Impressionist style!
Today you will be creating your own story quilt based on your family and a family dinner.
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With step-by-step instructions from a Teaching Artist and easy to find materials, you can create anywhere with P.S. ARTS To Go! projects inspired by notable artists and artworks. Share your finished To Go! projects on social media using #psartstogo The P.S. ARTS To Go! project initiative is generously supported by AT&T.

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