Classroom studio cost estimator

The P.S. ARTS Classroom Studio program provides high-quality arts instruction to students as part of their regular school day. Classroom Studio service is a once per week program in Visual Art, Theater, Dance or Music. The P.S. ARTS model brings practicing, professional artists to your students at the school site in residencies of 10, 15 or 30 weeks, depending on the needs of your school. Students get to experience the joy of learning about and through the arts from well-trained teaching artists using a standards-based curriculum that is developed in alignment with the P.S. ARTS Framework. Our teaching artists’ work directly in their artistic field enhances and deepens their teaching practice. Additionally, P.S. ARTS teaching artists engage in robust, ongoing professional development in pedagogy, SEL, and DEI work, prioritizing students. (Calculations are based on an average of 25 students per class, and our teaching artists can teach up to 5 classes per day.)