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Visual Arts

Ana Serrano Inspired Printed Cardboard Sculpture

FOR 8+
years old
60 minutes
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P.S. ARTS To Go! Ana Serrano Printed Cardboard Sculpture with Ms. Charlotte

About the activity:

Learn how to make amazing buildings with printed cardboard like the artist Ana Serano! Ana Serrano is a first-generation Mexican American artist from Los Angeles. She draws a lot of inspiration from her culture and hometown and is well known for her painted cardboard architectural designs. These sculptures depict how some of her favorite neighborhoods adorn their homes, yards, stores, and streets. To create a structure of your own like Ana's you'll need scissors, any paper, tape or glue, washable markers, a piece of styrofoam (such as a plate), a sponge, a tissue paper box (optional), and a little bit of water.

Materials needed:

  • Scissors
  • Any paper
  • Tape or glue
  • Washable markers
  • A piece of styrofoam (such as a plate)
  • A sponge
  • A tissue paper box (optional)
  • Water
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