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P.S. Arts Resources and Opportunities for Teaching Artists

Teaching Artist At P.S. ARTS, we value our Teaching Artists and all the work they do for our students. Below are some valuable resources from the Teaching Artists Guild (TAG), including free professional development workshop opportunities and curriculum tools. Check out the links below for detailed information and visit TAG online to sign up for more.

  • Teaching Artists Guild Asset Map: Add yourself to the TAG Asset Map to expand the field of teaching artistry, find out about various work opportunities, and connect with other Teaching Artists on a range of topics.
  • 2021 Professional Development Workshops Series: Check out TAG’s free workshop series, which includes BIPOC Youth Led Professional Development Workshops in which youth artists give insight that can make curriculum relevant and engaging, as well as a series on Advocacy.
  • Check out the Social Justice Database to find resources for Anti Racist teaching resources.
  • Read the Insight/Incite monthly blog by and for teaching artists.

Visit www.teachingartistsguild.org and get connected!

To help further support our Teaching Artists and their classes click here.



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