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P.S. ARTS is excited to announce another partnership with Immersive LA, this time creating a Frida Kahlo inspired art kits featuring three art activities and all the materials needed! Each box will support our arts education programs in public schools and communities and will be carried inside the Immersive Frida Kahlo, Los Angeles gift shop (while supplies last!). These kits include the following projects:

Butterfly Embroidery: Frida Kahlo was known for her beautiful traditional style dresses that often included embroidered details. In this project you’ll learn to embroider using the satin stitch and back stitch techniques to create your very own colorful butterfly out of thread!

Terracotta Vase with Paper Flowers: Who doesn’t think of flowers when they think of Frida? In this activity we hope that you’ll draw on her love for florals and use that as inspiration to create a bouquet of paper flowers inside a hand molded vase.

Paper Mache Animal Figurine: Frida was known for including animals in many of her paintings. Learn to paper mache your own animal inspired by the Mexican folk art alebrijas.



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