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Senior Manager of Classroom Studio, Jasmine Jackson, and Programs Director, Tiffany Owens, recently presented and facilitated at the conference for Arts Leadership Team members earlier this month, March 6 and 7. The conference retreat was held on the Nickelodeon Studios campus in Burbank.

One of the greatest challenges in training certificated educators to bring arts education to their students, lies in supporting them in overcoming their own hangups about the arts, as well as providing them academically sound ways of engaging students through the arts. The methods, approaches, activities and strategies that P.S. ARTS provides through Educator Development and our Turnaround contract, both satisfy the mandates of the current education system, and meet the actual, diverse learning needs of the real students in their classrooms. Jasmine and Tiffany demonstrated this, actively engaged the conference participants, and unlocked access for them to many ways to bring authentic, meaningful arts experiences to the children they serve. Turnaround:CA was well-pleased and there was more than inquiry about P.S. ARTS potentially presenting at the national conference in June. Jasmine will also attend the Turnaround conference in The Bay Area at the end of April.



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