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P.S. ARTS teamed up with the Westfield Mall in Culver City to bring a new seasonal grab-and-go art project for the community. The project is centered around Spring and includes a sculpting activity inspired by the giant rabbit sculpture created by the group Cracking Art, appropriately titled The Giant Rabbits. The Cracking Art group is known for their giant sculptures constructed from recycled plastic. After the sculptures are displayed, they are recycled again to make new animal forms. These giant animals can be seen all over the world and stand in hopes of creating conversations in communities about regenerated plastics, environmentalism, and finding inspiration through the environment.

Cracking Art’s giant regenerated plastic animal sculptures. (

For this project, recipients who attended the Westfield Mall’s event received an art project created by P.S. ARTS which includes a model magic, coloring glitter glue, and step-by-step instructions  to create their own bright bunny at home.

Thank you to the Westfield Mall in Culver City for spreading the word about P.S. ARTS and helping the community be creative this spring!

To see the previous collaboration between P.S. ARTS and Westfield click here. To find similarly designed fun projects you can do at home click here.



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