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Live theater is back at Walgrove Elementary School and was kicked off with an incredible performance of Disney’s Lion King lead by P.S. ARTS Teaching Artist Donzell Lewis. We are always blown away by the talent and time the students, teachers, volunteers, and parents/guardians put into a school production and this one is no exception to that dedication. Check out the full press release about this roaring return to live musical theater here.

“The show is important because it’s about community. What happens when a community is tested, challenged and shattered. But through love, bravery and commitment to one another, any community can always rebuild itself- stronger and more powerful than before.” – Donzell Lewis, director & choreographer at Walgrove Elementary, and P.S. ARTS Teaching Artist

“What goes on within the walls of this Musical Theater Program is the best of Walgrove and is the quintessential school community experience. We have people jumping in and helping wherever they can not just because it benefits their own children but also the kids of fellow parents. You see other parents working so hard to do their part for the cast and crew and so when you think you just can’t paint another leaf, you see that parent who has spent hours stapling deconstructed hula skirts onto curtains and you think to yourself, ‘Okay, give me back that paint brush. I got this.'” – Heather McAdams, Walgrove Elementary parent volunteer



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