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Last month, P.S. ARTS welcomed 22 Teaching Artist trainees to our first ever summer intensive. Through a Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) lens, participants explored P.S. ARTS’ program model, values, and mission in a series of online and in person workshops, courses, and model lessons.

P.S. ARTS mentor Teaching Artists led trainees through our theatre and visual arts stARTer Pack curriculum, offering the opportunity to both observe and engage in hands-on learning. The intensive culminated in trainee-led demo lessons where participants were able to combine theory and practice, showcasing all they had learned through their own unique style and approach.

Many of our trainees have since joined the P.S. ARTS faculty and are on-site for summer programming! We are excited to see what amazing things these artist educators will do and how they will serve the students they teach. Stay tuned for more training opportunities as we continue to expand our professional development offerings throughout the year!



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