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P.S. Arts zoom meeting i have a voice

P.S. ARTS is pleased to present The Lennox Inside Out Online Culmination Video! This video includes information on P.S. ARTS’ Inside Out Community Arts program, family interviews, an inspirational introduction titled The Women Are Coming, and post-show feedback from audience members. The presentation centers on the original play I Have A Voice which was written and performed by middle school students: Alyssa A., Elizabeth A., Cassandra B., Nevaeh G., Valerie L., Jasmine L., Keiry M., Sarah P., Yocelyn R., and Meriyen T.

I Have a Voice is a mix of pre-recorded videos and live theater around the topic of women’s rights, created and performed by students at Lennox Middle School. During the first half of their IOCA program there, students learned the basics of theatre including improvisation, acting, and creating characters. They also learned about conflict resolution and character motivation, and how these elements help build a story. The performance was a culmination of all of the theatre skills they learned over the four month program. Students also participated in Family Workshops on the weekends to create art with family members, who also contributed to the presentation.

In the second half of the session, the students embarked on their own creative process of writing an original play. The adult IOCA Artist Leaders do not assign play topics or write the content. Each play was created directly from observations or experiences in the young performers’ lives. These plays are the culmination of an incredible amount of dedication, hard work, and commitment by each and every Inside Out community member.

Special thanks to all the students who participated in the program with respect, courage, accountability, and commitment.  Also, a special thanks to the parents and families for their support to have Inside Out continue in their home during the school closure.  And another special thanks to the Lennox LEAP staff, Mr. Eddie Garcia, Ms. Fabiola Martin, Ms. Rosa Vasquez, Mr. Bryan Sanchez, and the Lennox School District! Enjoy the full presentation through this link.

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