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Read all the research, news, and policy in our arts education RECAP for September 2023.


Some Screen Time For Preschoolers Won’t Hurt Their Development, Study Finds “Using data gathered in 2018-19, researchers in the recent study tracked the screen time of preschoolers from minority and lower-income households. Families of 179 children were asked to fill out a 24-hour time diary of their children’s activities, including media use. The study also measured the children’s social and academic performance in the fall and spring.” Hechinger Report

Is Social-Emotional Learning Effective? New Meta-Analysis Adds to Evidence, but Debate Persists “Amid the confusion over how we should measure the effectiveness of SEL programs is a political backstory, which explains why there is so much more criticism and scrutiny of the research.” KQED

Four Top Takeaways from the School Research of New Biden Adviser Kirabo Jackson “Whether Jackson’s appointment, which is not subject to Senate confirmation, will jumpstart the White House’s education work is unclear. But it will bring an expert on education finance into even greater prominence, and likely put a spotlight on some of the issues he’s worked on throughout his career.” The 74


Borrowers Can Now Apply for New, Income-Based Student Loan Repayment “A new repayment program opens today to more than 20 million student loan borrowers, with payments based on their income and family size. The Biden administration announced the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) program earlier this summer, following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn their proposed loan cancellation program.” NPR

Careers in the Arts Toolkit “The Careers in the Arts Toolkit empowers individuals with disabilities to explore arts careers and access resources to support their success. It also educates arts employers, educators, and grantmakers about the critical role they play in fostering disability inclusion and the resources available to help them successfully do so.” National Endowment for the Arts


Teachers Have Too Many Extra Responsibilities to Be Effective. Some Ways to Help “The 2023 Voices from the Classroom annual teacher survey shows that a strong majority of teachers, 87%, agree that they have too many responsibilities to be effective educators. Their role has expanded infinitely and is no longer sustainable. Today, teachers are not only expected to tackle learning gaps, but address students’ residual trauma and mental health struggles — as well as their own — and to play a central role in delivering on the myriad promises of the public K-12 education system.” The 74


Arts for LA Summit “Join Arts for LA for our 5th annual State of the Arts Summit: Barriers to Bridges. This year’s program will focus on addressing recurring economic and social barriers and encourage bold collaborative approaches to revitalize and reimagine the creative economy.” Arts for LA

SCOTUS Ruling Demands ‘Urgency’ on Racial Inclusion, Biden Administration Says “‘This moment demands a sense of urgency,’ U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said in a call with reporters. ‘This moment demands the same courageous commitment to equal opportunity and justice we saw from leaders at the height of the civil rights movement.'” The 74


LAUSD Celebrates 10 Years of Restorative Justice, but Progress Remains Uneven “Amid the celebrations are lingering questions concerning LAUSD’s implementation of the resolution. Most would acknowledge that while there has been some progress, incorporating restorative justice is far from being realized.” EdSource

‘Do Not Underestimate the Ruthlessness’: White House Takes on K-12 School Cybersecurity Threat at First-Ever Summit “‘If we want to safeguard our children’s futures, we must protect their personal data,’ she said. ‘Every student deserves the opportunity to see a school counselor when they’re struggling and not worry that these conversations will be shared with the world.'” The 74

Shockwaves & Innovations: How Nations Worldwide Are Dealing with AI in Education “One of the most promising applications of generative AI in education is the ability to tailor learning to individual students’ needs, and there is a clear trend toward customization in other countries’ educational strategies.” The 74

Thanks for reading our Arts Education RECAP for September 2023.

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