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Classic Snare Drum Project Pack



Inspired by Jazz composer and drummer William Henry “Chick” Webb, the Classic Snare Drum kit fuses art, engineering, and music into one can’t-put-it-down project that’s perfect for artists seven and older. This project pack includes: a cardboard drum barrel, sponge brush and roller, acrylic and metallic tempera paints, vellum and plastic sheeting, wooden dowels, roving wool, rice (for that snare sound!), a glue stick, and silver tape. Learn more about the life and music of Chick Webb and how to play a 4/4 drum rhythm when you add on the book “Stompin’ at the Savoy: How Chick Webb Became the King of the Drums” by Moira Rose Donohue and the P.S. ARTS Classic Snare Drum Skill Builder activity guide worksheet.

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