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Read all the research, news, and policy in our arts education RECAP for March 2024.


Turning around a high-needs Los Angeles school with the arts: “That’s where arts education comes in. He sees the arts as a path to equity, a way to help children heal from the scars left by grinding poverty.” Edsource


Most California high school seniors shut out of even applying to the state’s universities:

“In 2023, 68% of Black students and 64% of Latino students did not meet A-G requirements, compared with 26% of Asian students and 48% of white students, according to EdSource’s analysis.” EdSource


How to Cultivate a Sense of Belonging in Schools: “Teachers can create opportunities for students to develop a sense of identity within a supportive environment.” Edutopia


“More Dance in More Schools” Prop 28 Tip Sheet: “The California Dance Education Association recognizes the logistical and space challenges of providing dance education especially in schools where there is no dedicated dance space. This tip sheet is designed to help school community members, administrators and teachers with the resources to ensure that dance is available and accessible without barrier to all CA students.” California Dance Education Association


New California teaching standards increase focus on family engagement, social-emotional learning  “California’s Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved long-awaited revised Standards for the Teaching Profession on Thursday that emphasize culturally responsive teaching, social-emotional learning and family engagement.”  EdSource

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