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Read all the research, news, and policy in our arts education RECAP for January 2024.


To Get Serious About Games, Teachers Experiment With Play in the Classroom “The popularity of games and play-based learning has waxed and waned in the traditional American classroom, according to Alicia Miller, a science educator from Evans, Georgia, who’s always used “hands-on” activities in her classroom. “There was a lot more unguided play when I started my teaching career 15 years ago. Over time, the focus shifted to [following] standards more,” Miller says. But there’s been a resurgence of sorts, especially as students have come back to the classroom after a tumultuous and often isolating online class experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.” EdSurge

Oakland Study Finds Parents as Effective as Teachers in Tutoring Young Readers “A new report finds that a parent-led tutoring effort in Oakland produced similar gains in reading for young students as instruction from classroom teachers — a nod that could fuel similar efforts in other districts.” The 74

7 Artificial Intelligence Trends That Could Reshape Education in 2024 The revolutionary role of AI in education has a major impact on teaching and learning. Here’s what to watch next year. The 74


Inside a LAUSD Parent Center, Which Aims to Help Los Angeles Families Better Navigate School & District Services “Edwin Markham Middle School in the Watts community opened one of LAUSD’s first parent centers last month, part of a larger plan to add over 300 centers in schools across the district. The center offers services to help parents support children through school, along with career workshops and financial stipends.” The 74

Equitable Access To Music Education Fosters Empowerment “Engaged in artistic programs, students can transcend societal norms, challenge stereotypes and amplify marginalized voices.” Forbes

MIT, Yale and Other Elite Colleges are Finally Reaching Out to Rural Students – Why Are So Many Rural Kids Saying ‘No Thanks’? “Rural students graduate from high school at a higher rate (90 percent) than their counterparts in cities (82 percent) and suburbs (89 percent). But only 55 percent go directly to college.” Hechinger Report


2024 NAEA National Convention, April 4-6, 2024 in Minneapolis (remote option) “Join visual arts, design, and media arts educators April 4-6, 2024 in Minneapolis, MN for this premier professional learning experience.” National Art Education Association

Conference for Community Arts Education, April 9-12, 2024 in Washington, D.C “Our theme this year Seeding Fractals: Cultivating Connections, Multiplying Impact was inspired by Adrienne Marie Brown’s ‘Emergent Strategy:’ The theme captures the essence of community arts education: the power of interconnectedness and the exponential potential for positive change.” The National Guild for Community Arts Education


18 California Children are Suing the EPA Over Climate Change “This is the latest in a series of climate-related cases filed on behalf of children … The lawsuit does not specifically seek financial compensation, other than plaintiff costs and attorneys’ fees. It asks instead for various declarations about the environmental rights of children and the EPA’s responsibility to protect them.” NPR

How to Inspire Climate Hope in Kids? Get Their Hands Dirty “A composting program at The Wesley School in Los Angeles is helping kindergarten through eighth grade students get hands-on experience with making dirt while also teaching them ways to address human-driven climate change.” KQED


Governor Newsom Announces Appointments 12.15.23 Read the latest list of appointees and more about them. CA Government

Cursive Makes a Comeback — by Law — in Public Schools “Last month, the California legislature unanimously passed and Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law requiring the teaching of cursive or “joined italics” handwriting in grades one through six. … She argued cursive is valuable to read historical documents, increases writing speed and has become a popular way for teachers to make sure students are not using artificial intelligence to craft their written work.” The 74

Thanks for reading our Arts Education RECAP for January 2024.

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