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P.S. Arts educator Lilia Hall

Lilia Hall is an educator and P.S. ARTS supporter who has volunteered at Family Art Nights and other P.S. ARTS events. Here she is telling us more about how and why she supports P.S. ARTS and advocates for arts education.

All student art is important and you should always be proud of your final product whether it is singing, acting, dancing or the visual arts.

1. Why do you support P.S. ARTS?
Being a retired first grade teacher, I realize how important the arts are to a student’s total development. Working with students who ordinarily don’t have the opportunity to have the arts presented as part of their curriculum is so important. I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer at a P.S. ARTS family night at our local elementary school and saw P.S. ARTS teachers in action. The attendance that night was overwhelming and the art project was so well received by all the families. Reaching out to the families at a night event is also a valuable part of the P.S. ARTS program besides the in-school presentations.

2. Do you have any specific memories of the arts or an arts teacher that impacted your life?
I was fortunate enough during my teaching career to be able to include the arts as part of the curriculum. We sang, danced, and worked on a variety of art projects using different media. I taught first grade and worked with talented students who aspired to be artists. Some did and I would like to think I inspired them a little.

3. If you could give our P.S. ARTS students one piece of advice, what would it be?

All student art is important and you should always be proud of your final product whether it is singing, acting, dancing, or the visual arts.

Thank you, Lilia Hall

Consider supporting P.S. ARTS like Lilia Hall before the end of the year to help ensure our students have access to arts education. Make a gift today.



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