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Read all the research, news, and policy in our arts education RECAP for December 2023.


A Group of Scientists Set Out to Study Quick Learners. Then They Discovered They Don’t Exist “The study offers the hope that “anyone can learn anything they want” if they get well-designed practice exercises and put some effort into it.  Raw talent, like having a “knack for math” or a “gift for language,” isn’t required.” KQED

Like It or Not: Kids Hear the News. Here’s How Teachers Help Them Understand It “With tragedies dominating the news cycle for the past few weeks, teachers are looking for ways to help their students make sense of the world around them. Even the youngest children are absorbing headlines and current events. Teachers say they need to give them tools to help them process – and filter — information. One key element of that approach is media literacy.” NPR


Community College Students Can Take Classes in Their Native Language Under a New Law “Hoping to entice more non-English speakers to enroll in community college, California is making it easier for those students to take courses in their native language. Currently, students in California can take community college classes taught in languages other than English only if they simultaneously enroll in English as a Second Language courses. That’s about to change, thanks to Assembly Bill 1096, which was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom and is set to take effect Jan. 1.” EdSource

Nonprofit Offers High Schoolers in Foster Care Guidance on Getting to College “Originally piloted at UCLA, First Star Academy is designed to provide support to high school students who have experienced foster care. This support is offered through tutoring, resources and connections to other foster youth programs to guide them toward higher education.” EdSource

How Equity-Minded School Districts Run Afterschool and Summer Programs “We define equity as ensuring that every person has access to what they need to thrive. This is different from ensuring that every person has equal access to resources. Instead, it means that when making decisions about resources, you need to consider how existing disparities affect people’s needs differentially.” Wallace Foundation


2024 NAEA National Convention “Hybrid registration pricing includes access to hundreds of in-person sessions and opportunities April 4-6 in Minneapolis, as well as all On Demand content available post-event through August 31, 2024.” National Arts Education Association

How Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge Can Deepen Outdoor Education “‘What they learn in the classroom is very important, yes. But what they learn through their own healthy exploration of their senses, that’s also important,’ he said. ‘Even though I don’t live in a dirt floor hogan like our ancestors, their values can still be applied to my livelihood today.'” KQED


Many Rural California Communities are Desperate for School Construction Money. Will a New Bond Measure Offer Enough Help? “Two bills are currently under consideration in the Legislature, both of which would bring in billions to repair school facilities. Assembly Bill 247 would raise $14 billion for K-12 schools and community colleges, while Senate Bill 28, at $15.5 billion, includes the University of California and California State University, as well.” Cal Matters

One Teacher’s Struggle with Chronically Absent Students in Los Angeles “40% of LAUSD’s students missed more than three weeks of class in 2021, according to district officials: How one teaching is coping” The 74


Counselors Welcome the Better FAFSA. But Its Delay Might Have Consequences for Students. “Last week, the U.S. Department of Education announced its shorter, simplified Free Application for Federal Student Aid, called the Better FAFSA, will be released by Dec. 31 and be available through June 30.” Chalkbeat

California Teachers Association Continues to Lose Members and Raise Dues “Analysis: 18,000 eligible public education employees chose not to join CTA in 2019. This year, the number of non-members ballooned to almost 36,000.” The 74

California Celebrates Its Linguistic Diversity While Shortchanging Bilingual Ed “Calif. has 1.1M English learners and a $130B state education budget, but less-diverse states with fewer resources are making more robust investments.” The 74

Thanks for reading our Arts Education RECAP for December 2023.

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