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Read all the research, news, and policy in our arts education RECAP for August 2023.


Can Young Children Learn from Educational Apps? “Parents often hear about the dangers of screen time for children, but rarely does there seem to be a distinction among different types of screen time. In particular, apps on smartphones or touchscreen devices for children seem to be growing in popularity, even among young children. In fact, research finds that 90% of children aged 2 to 3 years use a touchscreen device and that infants and toddlers on average spend 10 to 45 min per day on touchscreen devices.” KQED

Student-Led Conference Puts Focus on AI and Education “Integrating student voices into discussions about educational policy and curriculum design will undoubtedly speed up the adoption of AI in education while ensuring that appropriate and effective guardrails are in place.” The 74


College Tuition Breaks for Native Students Spread, but Some Tribes are Left Out – Some states are instituting free or reduced tuition programs for Native American students, but those from tribes not recognized by the federal government don’t qualify “‘We all have some history. We’re survivors. Regardless,’ Hall said. Education ‘is an answer to the prayers of our ancestors, no matter if we’re recognized or not.'” Hechinger Report

Student Loan Forgiveness is On the Way for More Than 800,000 Borrowers “The forgiveness is the result of a promise made last year by the Biden administration in response to years of complaints, lawsuits and an NPR investigation that found that many long-time borrowers who should have qualified for loan forgiveness under the rules of the government’s income-driven repayment plans (IDR) hadn’t received it because of mismanagement by the department and loan servicers.” NPR


3 Things Schools Can Do to Help Ease the Student Mental Health Crisis “Putting a “we are crew, not passengers” ethos at the center of schools can drive and shape their efforts to imbue students with a sense of belonging and purpose by making them feel welcomed, valued and needed.” The 74

3 Ways to Help Students Gain the Career Connections They Need to Succeed “Studies suggest that approximately half of internships and jobs are obtained through personal connections, and having at least one connection at a company on LinkedIn makes an applicant six times more likely to land a job than those who don’t. In short, mounting loneliness today widens long-standing opportunity gaps tomorrow.” The 74


Arts Education Partnership’s Annual Convening “Join the Arts Education Partnership in Portland, OR for the Annual Convening! This year’s event offers the opportunity for learning and networking—and just as importantly, an opportunity to celebrate our collective work and to help ensure everyone has access to an excellent arts education.” September 13-14 Arts Education Partnership

Fed Up California Parents Want to Make High-Quality Education a Constitutional Right – Critics fear the proposal’s vague language could unleash a barrage of lawsuits. “As educators now try to help students recover, advocates behind a proposed ballot measure say the right to a high-quality education is more crucial than ever. But while some see it as a simple and obvious proposal designed to empower families and students, critics anticipate a barrage of lawsuits against schools and districts resulting from the vaguely defined phrase ‘high-quality education.'” The 74


Arts and Culture Funding Remains Stagnant as CA Budget is Signed for 23-24 and Advocates Warn, a Crisis Looms for California’s Performing Arts Sector. “On June 27, 2023 Governor Gavin Newsom signed the $310 Billion dollar 23-24 budget with Senate Bill 101. While the headlines captured the challenge to balance a $30 billion dollar budget deficit to protect funding for social services and education and negotiations related to infrastructure and clean energy, the arts were largely overlooked in the discussion. California’s arts and culture production drives 7.7% of the state’s economy, producing over $261 billion in direct impact and supporting 742,421 jobs. Yet, with only $26 million in local assistance grants for close to 40 million people, CA is 24th in the nation in per capita spending, falling behind states such as Florida (9th), Tennessee(15th) and Alabama (18th).” California Arts Advocates

Parkland Officer’s Acquittal Raises Questions About School Cops’ Duty to Protect “Though officers have been stationed in schools since the 1950s, their presence has grown significantly in the last 25 years in response to mass school shootings. Since then, heated debates have explored the officers’ roles, responsibilities and efficacy.” The 74

House Republicans Seek 80% Cut to Federal Program for Students from Low-Income Families “A bill advanced by a Republican-controlled House subcommittee on Friday seeks to cut Title I grants by 80% or nearly $15 billion. The proposal is part of a broader package of GOP-backed cuts to schools and other federal programs. The bill would also ban the use of funding to teach “critical race theory,” although the concept is not defined.” Chalkbeat


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