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By: Karen Ramirez, Program Assistant

SAC Lunch is back at Will Rogers! Before distance learning began, P.S. ARTS had partnered with Will Rogers Middle School to bring the students Student Art Club (SAC) Lunch, a weekly art club where students were able to enjoy a creative space during or after their meal. This P.S. ARTS program was intended to reduce social isolation during lunchtime and to introduce quality art projects using materials that were not often readily available to students. With these tools, students were guided through the art projects and encouraged to make their own pieces with individual messages. Each student would organically find their preferred materials and projects, experimenting with different mediums and themes. 

Though the program was cut short in May of 2020 due to campuses closing and the transition to distant learning, P.S. ARTS is excited to announce that SAC Lunch has relaunched on October 15, 2020 as a virtual program! Every Thursday, students of Will Rogers are invited to take part in a 45 minute art lesson after routine school hours. Students are given individual art kits to take home and are scheduled to receive even more fun and unique materials in the future. During our SAC Lunch program, students are guided through exciting, educational art projects just like they were able to do before! They are also allowed to opt out of the project and create their own artwork at any time.

The SAC Lunch program allows students to express what they are going through and to help ease feelings of isolation.

P.S. ARTS is providing students with the opportunity to build and nurture a creative online space to call their own. During this time of distance learning, it is important to express one’s self through the arts and find creative ways to establish and maintain friendships. The SAC Lunch program allows students to express what they are going through and to help ease feelings of isolation. We are excited to be back and we look forward to finding new ways to keep our students engaged with the arts!  

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