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Read all the research, news, and policy in our arts education RECAP for April 2018.


Arts Education (Slow) Progress Report
A report out of Create CA shows that 97% of middle and high school students in California have some access “to some level of arts education.” Overall, the number of students participating in the arts increased to 39%.

Visalia Schools are Doing Something About It
“While the state may still be behind, Visalia Unified School District has steadily offered all four art discipline for students of multiple grade levels, something administrators are very proud of.”
Visalia Times Delta


Art is a Reflection of the Way the World is Changing
Children are more likely to draw women than in the past—but they become skewed toward sketching men as they get older.
The Atlantic

Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Students Learn to Dance
A dozen Lincoln Intermediate Unit deaf and hard-of-hearing students slithered like snakes, leaped like frogs and roared like lions on a recent Friday as part of an interactive arts education experience hosted by the Appell Center and the Cultural Alliance of York County.
York Daily Record

What Happens When You Embrace Your Child’s IEP
“…My son’s teachers discovered he had an artistic talent, and they encouraged that and let him draw in class when he was done with his assignments. He got better and better. He’s so good at it now that he was chosen to represent his class in an art contest for LAUSD.”
LA School Report


April 21: Vacaville Arts Advisory Committee Application
April 27: National Conference for Community Arts Education Session Proposals
June 1: Doug Risner Prize for Emerging Dance Researchers
June 1: 2018 AEP Annual Convening Call for Concurrent Session Proposals


Creativity Has Value When It Comes to Beating Out the Robots
If you’re doing a job involving creativity it’s less likely to be replaced by software: robots are hopeless on that front.
Evening Standard

Detroit is Doing It! Making Arts Education a Priority
In looking to revitalize the school district, Detroit Public Schools Community District is creating a cultural passport program. It may not be arts every week, but it’s a start.

Actress and Activist Rosie Perez Weighs in on Arts Education
“Having the arts underfunded in schools is such a disservice to our young people — not only to their soul, but also to their future.”
NBC News


Both Sides to the California Senate Bill 933
California State Senator Ben Allen introduced SB 933 which provides grant funding to schools for arts education programming. But it seems members of the arts education community are split on the details.

Read Our Statement about SB 933
Our CEO, Dr. Kristen Paglia shares why this bill is good for arts education, “Senate Bill 933 addresses the lack of arts education funding in low-income communities and introduces grant funding for these districts and schools to provide visual and performing arts for every student.”

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