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P.S. Arts Pam Bergman

Pam Bergman


PAM BERGMAN is currently the Immediate Past Chair and was formerly the P.S. ARTS Chairperson for six years. Ms. Bergman’s love of the arts and her desire to give arts to all children began with her deep exposure to music at a young age during her public school education. She chose to continue her dedication to arts education by advocating P.S. ARTS’ mission of improving children’s lives through arts education in the classroom.

In her professional experiences, Ms. Bergman brings over 20 years of experience in management, finance and accounting. She received her B.A. in Economics and Business from UCLA and began her career as a CPA with Deloitte and Touche in Los Angeles. Subsequently, she held management and consulting positions for high-tech companies. Most recently, she has been overseeing her family’s farming operations and raising her two children. Ms. Bergman has been involved with P.S. ARTS as a volunteer in various capacities since 2004 prior to joining the board in 2007. She has also served as co-chair of Express Yourself, The Los Angeles Antiques Show Opening Night Party, and numerous other events.


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