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We are excited to introduce, Jaqueline (Jackie) Jauregui, who is a P.S. ARTS Teaching Artist for LAUSD schools. We asked Jackie a few questions about her work and what inspires her as an artist and teacher.

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Tell us about yourself and your art discipline.

My name is Jaqueline Jauregui and I was born and raised in the South Bay area, primarily by the Port of Los Angeles. My art discipline is in the Visual Arts, mostly drawing and painting, but I will also dabble in printmaking if given the chance. I currently teach K-2 so it’s been very rewarding to share my past art experiences with young budding artists.

Share a “magic moment” you experienced teaching in the last year (an inspirational experience as a teacher or with a student). 

I once had a placement in a YMCA, only two minutes away from my house, and had a really great week of interactions with the students there. They were all Spanish speakers and many had recently migrated, so I spent a majority of the time teaching in Spanish which is something I had never done before. They were so open to the lessons and I believe it helped that we could communicate easily.

Who is an artist you are currently inspired by?

I’ve been following a Mexico-based artist named Aswer Garcia, they do a mix of Mesoamerican imagery/icons and place them with words or phrases. Sometimes they are affirming, other times a bit sad, but they’re all feelings or concepts I can relate to phrases I’ve heard my parents say. Some examples are “Que el alma baile y el corazón cante” and “Si la riegas, creces.”

How has teaching for P.S. ARTS shaped your practice as a Teaching Artist?

Being at P.S. ARTS has really pushed me to explore teaching visual arts to different kinds of grade levels and ages. I started as a secondary teacher so pushing myself to learn about how younger students process and work through art concepts and mediums has really made me evaluate how I teach them. It has helped me remember that they’re learning so many things for the first time. I’ve had a much more student-centered practice where I try to incorporate new concepts and self-reflection.

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Thank you Jackie! We are so happy to have you on the P.S. ARTS team, teaching and connecting with students. To hear more stories from other P.S. ARTS Teaching Artists, click here.

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