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The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, Charity Relay, and LA Big 5K are just 3 weeks away. Follow #MarathonMonday to learn more about our amazing runners and why they are running for Team P.S. ARTS! This week, meet P.S. ARTS Board Member Jango Sircus.

Why are you running the LA Marathon, Charity Relay, or LA Big 5K, and why did you choose to join Team P.S. ARTS?
The arts are such an integral part of a child’s life — transformative, therapeutic, and joyful. I believe that the arts are an under-appreciated cornerstone of a complete education. On a practical level, the arts keep kids in school while letting them work through issues in a very real way that research has shown keeps kids off the streets and creates productive citizens. But the arts go much deeper than that. The arts are active, not passive, and they push a child’s brain into creative and lateral thinking, which leads to improved performance in all other academic subjects. There is no better organization so well suited to deliver on this promise than P.S. ARTS.

Why the Marathon? Because it’s such an easy way to give back! It’s hard on the body, sure. Does it take a lot of willpower? Absolutely. But what a great way to spread the word to all your friends and family about the cause you believe in and gain their support for the masochistic venture we call the marathon. For the last three years, my wife and I have run the LA BIG 5K, but this year we decided to step it up and run the first half of the marathon! For a guy that’s never run much more than three miles, getting up to 13 miles has been a commitment. Running a full marathon is on my bucket list, and this is bringing me one step closer to that goal.

MM - Jango Sircus

How have the arts impacted your life personally, and why do you think it’s important to support arts education in our schools?
The arts have impacted my life in ways that are hard to express. There’s something so visceral and connective about the arts. I’m an accountant, not an artist; I love math and numbers. However, my most vivid and tangible memories growing up often involve the arts. Why do I keep an old wooden camel I built in 3rd grade? Or a piece of pottery I made in 7th grade? Why do I smile every time I hear a song from a musical I performed in? I didn’t have to choose the arts as a profession to understand the importance that the arts have in the very fabric of our education and memories. I can only hope that every child has the same opportunities to find their own personal joy in education through the arts.

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