Invest in Innovation

The Herb Alpert Foundation
Heather and Ben Arnold
Maria and Bill Bell
Meghan Bentley
Pam and Alan Bergman
Cara Bingham
Annie Bishop
Sharon and Dain Blair
Charles X. Block
The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
Kimberly and Albert Brooks
Jacob Campbell
Carleen Cappelletti
Juliet Castillo
Nicole Chaudhri
Adam Checchi
Mr. And Mrs. Gregory Cops
Kevin Cops
Lauren Deck
Daryl Dudum
Jane Garratt
Jennifer Leitch and Justin Garratt
NJ and Mark Goldston
Mr. And Mrs. Stephen Hall

Anne Hallock
Betsy Hamilton
Gabriela Hernandez
Le An Hinh
Carey and Tara Hotchkis
Chi-Chien Hou and Phuong Vuong
David Hou
Natalya and Mark Hudis
Suzanne Nora Johnson and David Johnson
Kristin and Daxston Judy
Joan and David Kahn
Sara Keller
Stephanie Kistner
Mia Klarich
Amy Knutson
Dale Knutson
Mariel Lacson
Dave Leyrer and Alicia Tranen
Christopher Lor
Phyllis and Preston Maring
Chelsea Martell
Matthew Martin
Leslie and Bill McMorrow
Gale and John Musker

Elizabeth and David Ondaatje
Kristen and Jamie Paglia
Don Paglia
Darcy Pollack
Pamela Posey
Carolyn Powers
Ilene Resnick and Daniel Weiss
Hadley and Lee Rierson
Sara Rodriguez
Allison Schaub
Rona Sebastian
Amy Shapiro
Jango Sircus and Tiffany Siart
Rebecca Stein
Lisa Kudrow and Michel Stern
Elda Pineda and Timothy Sweeney
Josh and Suzy Tanzer
Kathy Taslitz
Christina Taylor
Michael Thornton
Laura Fox and Ben Van de Bunt
Roger and Donna Weaver
Christine and Jeff Weller
Gennifer and David Yoshimaru

What is an Endowment?

An endowment is a fund which has a principal that an organization permanently sets aside for the long term vision and support of the organization. An endowment is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Endowment assets are invested, and each year a portion of the earnings is paid out to the organization, while the remainder continues to build the fund’s market value. Essentially, an endowment fund facilitates organizational sustainability and provides operational support indefinitely.

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