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Read all the research, news, and policy in our arts education RECAP for December 2021.


Parents, We’re Here To Help! Answers To Your COVID Vaccine Questions “Now that the Pfizer COVID vaccine is authorized for children five to eleven years old, a lot of parents are deliberating about what to do next. NPR health policy correspondent Selena Simmons-Duffin answers your questions about vaccine safety for kids, shedding masks at school and how soon you can schedule that long awaited indoor playdate.” Short Wave from NPR

There’s Lots of Education Data Out There — and It Can Be Misleading. Here Are 6 Questions to Ask “Data is critical to addressing inequities in education. However, too often data is misused, interpreted to fit a particular agenda or misread in ways that perpetuate an inaccurate story. Data that’s not broken down properly can hide gaps between different groups of students. Facts out of context can lead to superficial conclusions.” The 74

How Parents Can Help Themselves, and Their Children, Feel Okay Again “Parents who try to protect their children from every possible threat are more stressed, and kids who perceive their parents as more stressed are less likely to go to them with their problems, he says. That cycle benefits no one. Focus instead on being a consistent, caring, authentic caregiver, and surround yourself with people who nurture you, too.” Washington Post

Study: Suspensions of Students of Color Go Down When Teachers of Color Are In Charge “If we can decrease the total number of suspensions in elementary and middle schools, that will not only enrich the learning environment overall but not mark some students as so-called bad kids, because once a kid is suspended one, two, or three times, that kid is seen as a constant problem. They then become less likely to get support from their counselors and teachers about college opportunities in their future … The point is not to demonize teachers but to call for more support for teachers to support their students better, and to call for more studies on what teachers are doing well.” Diverse Education


The Kids Are Not All Right: How 4 States Are Rushing to Improve Student Access to Mental Health Care “Maryland, Colorado, California and New Jersey are among the states that have recently passed laws that expand access to youth mental health care.  New protocols and resources are aimed at getting care to those who need it most — particularly youth experiencing abuse at home, uninsured and LGBTQ+ students.” The 74

Parents are Spending New Child Benefit on Food, Education. But Will Congress Keep it? “How well has it worked? Initial data suggests the expanded program has cut child poverty and child hunger substantially — although the impact would be greater if all eligible families were receiving the payments. There’s not hard evidence yet, but previous research suggests that the monthly payments also could boost student learning. Indeed, many low-income families say they have used the funds on their children’s education.” Chalkbeat

Pilot Program at 4 Community Colleges Seeks to Design Supports for Single Mothers on Campus “The Education Design Lab, a nonprofit organization focused on education and the workforce, is helping four community colleges launch pilot programs to better support single mothers through college, with the aim of reaching at least 6,000 of these learners by 2024.” Higher Ed Dive

Not Every Student from Latin America Speaks Spanish: How Educators Can Recognize — and Meet the Needs of — Indigenous-Speaking Students “While the recognition of indigenous languages is layered in a complex and politically fraught history, there are concrete steps that schools can take to ensure that they account for and support all students.” The 74


Explaining Climate Change to Young Children Without Sparking Fear “Addressing the topic early on can give children some clarity about the scared and anxious emotions they’re feeling when global warming or natural disasters come up…” KQED

Our Shared Future: Imagining a New Landscape for Teaching Artists “On April 5-7, 2022, join us for a virtual event in support of teaching artists across the country. Our Shared Future: Imagining a New Landscape for Teaching Artists will feature sessions that dig into the current realities and hopeful futures of teaching artistry.” Arts Education Partnership


Winter 2022 Regional Conversations are coming up! “Learn about federal, state, and local arts advocacy priorities. This is your opportunity to connect, to get the latest news on Federal and State arts policies, to collaborate on local priorities and to strengthen advocacy in your region.” Californians for the Arts

How Climate Change is Changing Education, from Weather Disruptions to Solutions “As climate change worsens, its impact on education is intensifying. Students are missing class because of extreme weather and pushing for better climate education. Meanwhile, interest in girls’ education as a climate solution is growing worldwide, and youth empowerment is a focal point at the COP26, the United Nations conference on climate change.” Flipboard & The 74


Education Secretary Cardona Says There Should Be “No Need” for Hybrid or Remote Learning After Kids are Vaccinated “According to CDC data, at least 400,000 5 to 11 year olds have received one dose of the vaccine since it was approved last week for emergency use authorization.” CBS News

Former LAUSD Leader Introducing Ballot Measure to Pay for Arts Education “Local artists and leaders are working on a way to get $800 million to California public schools. The Music and Arts Education ballot measure would fund art and music programs out of reach for many students. Former Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner is leading the effort, along with the support of artists such as, Issa Rae and Dr. Dre.” Spectrum News 1

From Associate to B.A.: More People Can Finish a Four-year Degree at Community Colleges “More and more, community colleges are offering bachelor’s degrees – using the appeal of more online courses, competency-based progression and greater flexibility in hours to attract more people.” Hechinger Report

UC System Ends Undergraduate Admissions Testing for Good “The University of California System will no longer use standardized test scores as part of its undergraduate admissions processes, likely making it the largest four-year higher education entity in the U.S. to become assessment-free and striking a significant blow to testing providers.” Higher Ed Dive

Early Childhood Education and Care Are Essential Public Infrastructure. Time to Make Bold Investments to Support Them “Those tasked with shaping the final Build Back Better agenda have an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen families, support educators and set children on a path toward a lifetime of healthy development. Even better, these investments in caregivers and children are also investments in the health of the broader economy. When caregivers have the support they need to participate fully in work and community life, and when children grow up in an environment of responsive, stimulating relationships, everyone benefits — now and in the decades to come.” The 74

California Students with Disabilities Can Enroll in Independent Study, Judge Rules “Students in special education who had been denied access to independent study won their first round in court Friday when a judge ordered those students’ school districts to reinstate their remote learning plans.” EdSource

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