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P.S. Arts Interning Summer 2021

This week is our Getty Intern Chaya Borison’s last week at P.S. ARTS. While we are sad to see her go, we are grateful for all her work over the past couple of months. Chaya shared her experiences and projects with us, which you can read below.

“Spending the last ten weeks interning at P.S. ARTS through the Getty Marrow Program has been an amazing experience. During the course of my internship I have been able to create P.S. ARTS To Go! projects, test out new projects during meetings, create a museum resource guide, and get to know the awesome staff here at P.S. ARTS. 

A sample P.S. ARTS To Go! project Chaya created, inspired by the work of Erick Martinez.

While creating To Go! projects I was able to research and find artists local to Los Angeles. I contacted them directly to learn more about their art, then I created visual arts activities using simple found materials so that anyone could make them from home. During special weekly staff meetings, we call P.S. ARTS ArtLabs, the whole staff dedicated time to test out these projects. It was really fun to be able to spend time getting to know the staff, getting feedback on the projects, and creating art as a team. 

During my internship, I also created a museum resource guide. I love going to museums and loved working on this project to show others what Southern California has to offer. This guide has information about six museums and activities kids can easily do while at each one. I was able to directly contact staff from various institutions to learn more about the museums and public programs that they offer. The guide will be posted on the P.S. ARTS website soon, and will be available for anyone to download. My goal for the guide is to make going to museums a little less intimidating and create a love for museum-going for those that utilize it. 

Even though my internship was remote, I was still very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet virtually with the P.S. ARTS staff individually to learn more about their careers in the arts. I learned so much not only about their jobs, but also through getting to know everyone as individuals. The staff was always so supportive and reinstalled confidence in me as I enter the next journey of my career. I have been so lucky to be able to work with such amazing people. Thank you for having me this summer P.S. ARTS!”

Thank you for working with us this summer, Chaya! We look forward to seeing where your journey leads you! To learn more about past internships P.S. ARTS has had click here.

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