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P.S. ARTS’ Program Director Tiffany Owens recently attended the Arts for L.A. State of the Arts Summit – Creative Work in 2030 at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes. Read more about her key takeaways and some hot topic questions she has for the arts community at large through her blog post below. This is the first in a series of posts that Tiffany will be sharing on arts education, organizational programming, and advocacy.

By: Tiffany Owens, Program Director

More and more frequently I am noticing a discussion theme around strengthening the arts infrastructure that sustains beyond a cycle or program. This idea is not new, but I’m very glad to hear it talked about in larger, public forums and with louder voices than ever before. It is not only a hope or expectation, it is a requirement for the health and well-being of society. Yes, it’s that big. I am learning more and thinking critically about what that means for programs, organizations and our collective, cultural ecosystem.

This October, at the Arts for LA Convening, (the first in-person one since well, you know,) Gustavo Herrera talked about how funding for even greater, sustainable arts infrastructure is one of the most significant barriers facing the arts sector. Something I am heartened by is how this conversation frames arts sustainability as an obvious necessity and not an option. Arts workers have always known this. Our collective, shared experiences these past several years have made the idea palpable and palatable to people outside of just our sector.

Has anyone else been seeing this, feeling this, hearing the conversation rise like this? What kinds of discussions on sustainability have you all been having out there? What do you hear discussed about “solidarity for a just and sustainable creative sector?”

To learn more and share your thoughts to the conversation, visit Tiffany’s LinkedIn post about this topic here



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P.S. ARTS’ Program Director Tiffany Owens recently attended the Arts for L.A. State of the Arts Summit –...
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