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Read all the research, news, and policy in our arts education RECAP for April 2022.


How To Help A Child Struggling With Anxiety “Childhood anxiety is one of the most important mental health challenges of our time. One in five children will experience some kind of clinical-level anxiety by the time they reach adolescence…” NPR

Youth Anxiety, Depression and Abuse Surged During COVID. 6 Charts from New CDC Data Show How Students Suffered — And Ways to Help Them Recover “Mental health challenges, economic insecurity and parental abuse became a routine part of life for a staggering share of high school students during the pandemic, data released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show.” The 74


How California is Closing its Juvenile Jails “Under a law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2020, the state’s four youth prisons must close by June 2023, and counties must set up alternatives like camps or minimally restrictive centers. The new approach will center on therapy and health services, vocational education to ease re-entry into society, and community support.” AXIOS


LA County Supervisors: We Must Fund Arts & Culture: “This Tuesday, April 5, the LA County Board of Supervisors will vote to officially proclaim April as #ArtsMonth. Send a letter to the supervisors thanking them for their support for the arts and calling on them to approve Supervisor Mitchell & Kuehl’s motion to invest in our creative communities by doubling the budget for the organizational grant program (OGP), lowering barriers to access, and identifying additional staffing and resources needed.” Arts for LA


ACCM 2022 Webinar Series | The Arts Work to Advance Social Justice & Racial Equity “From providing spaces of liberation and solidarity, to confronting power with creativity, to reimagining unjust systems, the California artists, culture bearers and civic innovators on this panel are creating opportunities for individuals and communities to define and advance racial and social justice.” Friday, April 15 Californians for the Arts

Students Close to Getting Voting Power on WA Education Board “The bill extends voting authority to the board’s two student members, giving them a more substantial say on educational policy decided by the board, including adopting policy to oversee academic success in schools and making changes to graduation requirements. The legislation is expected to go into effect in early summer.” Crosscut


Biden Proposes 15.6% Increase for Education Spending in FY23 “The proposed budget includes increased allocations for high-poverty schools with $36.5 billion for Title I and addressing the needs of students with disabilities in pre-K-12 with spending at $16.3 billion. Additionally, the White House recommends dedicating $1 billion for increasing the number of counselors, nurses, school psychologists, social workers and other health professionals in schools.” K-12 Dive

With Few Details But Big Ideas, Sec. Cardona Pushes Total Reimagining of Education “In the last two years, while schools experienced more disruption and strain than in almost any other time in recent memory, education leaders have been broadcasting one message, loud and clear and often: Education cannot go back to normal.” EdSurge

With Last-Minute Changes, Florida’s ‘Stop WOKE’ Bill Establishes Limits on Classroom Instruction Some Experts Call ‘Flatly Unconstitutional’ “Legislation on its way to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s desk goes further than any yet proposed in banning certain race- and gender-related lessons and diversity trainings in K-12 schools. The legislation allows Floridians to sue if teachers violate its prohibitions on certain kinds of instruction.” The 74

The Big Three: Trio of Heralded Reformers Take Top Posts at Nation’s Largest School Districts, to Great Expectations … and Headaches “All of them greet Spring 2022 full of promise — and problems. Over the next few years, they’ll enjoy unprecedented funding as taxpayers throw billions of dollars at schools to scrub away deficits caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.” The 74

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